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Spare Player Registration

Spare Player Registration Form

We cater for all players of various playing preferences and requirements.  Some of us may find there’s a constant need for an extra game (or MORE!).  On the other hand, not all of us can play as often as we like, and some of us may prefer the “obligation free” option of joining different teams as a fill in.

Instructions for Spare Player Registration

Please fill in the registration form on this page.  Some of the fields on this page allow for multiple selections.  Once you’ve completed all required fields please click the SEND button, and your records will be stored in our database.

By completing this form and clicking send you hereby agree that this information will be presented to AH Sport administrators and players for review and distribution.  If a game becomes available, you may be contacted directly to arrange to participate in the game(s).  AH Sport will not be held accountable for how this information is interpreted, used, or distributed in any shape or form.


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I have read, understood and agreed to the rules of the sport I am participating, as well as the terms and conditions set by AH Sport.